November 16, 2016

Design Trends: Library Lights/ Laminate Bookshelf Makeover

By Blair Dobson
Design Trends: Library Lights/ Laminate Bookshelf Makeover

There is one trend that has been creeping up in just about every blog and magazine, bookshelves. Besides the obvious use for books, you wont just see this shelving in home libraries anymore. Many homeowners have chosen the bookshelves as a focal point in hallways, above cabinetry, or even a cozy nook. The fun doesn't stop there! When it comes to highlighting your bookcase, there are many lighting accessories that will add an illuminated glow to every shelf. 

My Laminate Bookshelf Makeover:

I recently had the opportunity to makeover a small space and inside was this monster laminate bookshelf from the 80's. I knew the cabinet offered great storage and weighing over a ton, this piece was basically a fixture. I wanted to give this space a bookshelf display with library lights that would update the piece significantly. I knew it was time to paint! 


1 can Zinsser Oil Based Primer

1 can Behr Marquee Ultra Pure White ( Paint + Primer)

1 Can Gold Spray Paint

3 LED Cabinet Lights + Transformer and Cord


During: We removed all hardware and spray painted it gold, along with the chrome library lights we purchased at Ikea.

After: We finished off the cabinet by adding library lights and small trinkets for a fun styled look.

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